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Each project starts with a discussion of the scope work that is being considered and the budget for the project. Ideally there would be a meeting at the project site so that conditions in and around the site are understood as they may affect the design and scope. After a proposal for architectural services has been given to the client and accepted by the client, the project proceeds in the followings stages:


Schematic Design Services: In the Schematic Design phase (SD) we will take detailed measurements and use other available information to ascertain the pertinent existing conditions of the building.  With this information, we will prepare scaled drawings which will serve as the basis for preliminary sketches and drawings which would explore a range of design options in plan, elevation and perspective. We will evaluate the scope of the work with respect to your schedule and budget requirements. If necessary, you must decide to adjust your programmatic, budget and/or schedule requirements to bring them into agreement. This phase produces a final schematic design.


Design Development Services: Design Development (DD) services take the final schematic design and lays out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details. Services in this phase vary with the complexity of the project and the client’s needs.


Coinciding with the design development phase is the governmental approval work. Some projects may require Department of Buildings approval, other may require approval from other agencies such as a Landmark Commission, Fire Department, Transportation, etc.


Construction Document Services: The next phase is Construction Documents (CD). Once the client is satisfied with the documents produced during DD, we move forward and produce drawings with greater detail. These drawings typically include specifications for construction details and materials. Once the CDs are produced, we send them to contractors for pricing or bidding, if part of the contract.


Pricing and Negotiation Phase: We will assist you in obtaining accurate bids from individual contractors and then comparing the bids and analyzing them for accuracy.  We will assist you in conducting negotiations with contractors prior to their signing an agreement with you.


Construction Administration Phase (Optional): These services are rendered at the owner’s discretion and are outlined in the construction agreement. During this we will conduct a “site meeting” once a week during the construction to review the work of the contractor.  Our core responsibility during this phase is to help the contractor to build the project as specified in the CDs as approved by the owner. Questions may arise on site that require us to develop architectural sketches: drawings issued after construction documents have been released that offer additional clarification to finish the project properly. Different situations may require us to issue a Change in Service to complete the project.

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